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How IEP Helps People with Intellectual Disabilities


Individualized Education Plan is a program that is designed for persons with an identified disability. This plan is made known to ensure that a child who is in an elementary or secondary educational institution will receive and benefit from specialized instruction and other related services. Typically, IEP includes the following:

  • Participation of children with disabilities in the general curriculum
  • Monitor each child’s development
  • Appropriate educational accommodations necessary for the success of the kid
  • Other services that will relate to the child’s development
  • Measurable goals and objectives to achieve for the child’s education

The IEP offers advantages to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are more active and involved. Nothing implies the growth of diverse and unique personalities.

For more information and assistance with this plan, and if you want to enroll your child in this program, a variety of support services can help and guide you along this trip. We provide a variety and a wide range of care for people with developmental disabilities.

One of the services we primarily offer at A TOUCH OF GRACE INC is mental health care in Fayetteville, NC. We understand that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities need to have a unique kind of care and, at the same time, experience being treated as normal. We’ll be there to guide them and help them unleash their capabilities as they become capable and independent adults in the community.

Hence, if you’re looking for reliable providers of behavioral health care in North Carolina to help care for your loved one, do give us a call.

We’ll be glad to assist you with case management and any type of care you or your loved one requires.

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