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Showering Our Elders with Love and Care


As we age, we become more susceptible to accidents and ailments. We must give elders the care and love they deserve as much because they are the pillars of our society. That is where residential care comes in—the perfect place for them to be if their loved ones are too busy to take care of them.

Our responsibility is to improve our world for people with special care needs, like seniors and those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. A part of that responsibility is watching out for anyone possibly abused or neglected by their family. No one deserves to go through such a thing, and we must raise awareness about cases like this. Below are signs of abuse to watch out for:

  • They appear confused, depressed, or withdrawn.
  • They have unexplained bruises, burns, or scars.
  • They appear dehydrated and untidy.
  • They isolate themselves from their loved ones.
  • They have bed sores or other preventable conditions.

Dedicated to creating a safe environment for everyone, A TOUCH OF GRACE INC provides behavioral health care in North Carolina. We offer different services, such as personal support, respite care, individual therapy, family therapy, and many more! We are well-dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels accepted and respected.

The handicapped elderly and those who have developmental and intellectual disabilities deserve to receive case management services where they receive the appropriate care and support that they need, especially in times when they feel abused and neglected.

For more information on our mental health care in Fayetteville, NC, kindly contact us.

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